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Scottish - Paisley Canal review 1

24/8/08 Glasgow Central to Paisley Canal

Details from SPRS "Routes & Branches" Excursion  

Journey time: 25 minutes  (single track after Corkerhill)

Distance: 7 miles  Weather: cloudy

Train type: Class 314 4-car EMU 

Railway company: Strathclyde Partnership for Transport

Frequency of trains: every half hour

The journey to Paisley Canal starts at Glasgow Central station. The lines all go over the river Clyde before we veer off to the right, whilst the main lines to London, Edinburgh and South Glasgow go straight on. A freight line from the right joins us as we go past Shields depot on left with SPT units stored. There are factories on the right and the line to Gourock goes off on the right as we go southwest and pass under the M77. We are now in a low cutting and go past Dumbreck station, which has two red bus stops on its two platforms.  The trackside is mainly covered in foliage before it clears as we go past Corkerhill depot and sidings on left. There is a Trans Pennine unit as well as many SPT units. The line is now single track as we come into Corkerhill station, which is a single platform with another red bus stop. There is a park on left, with houses and high rises on right. The next station is Mosspark, which has a single platform with a shelter. Then the line doubles up as we pass the canal known as White Carr Water on our left, which goes all the way to Paisley. We then go into another short cutting after which houses appear on both sides again. Then we pass through Crookston station, which like the preceding Mosspark station has a single platform with a shelter on it. The line becomes single track once again, as we pass through the only open space between Glasgow and Paisley, much of which is a golf course. We then enter another cutting, before we start to see the outskirts of Paisley.  We reach Hawkhead station, which has a single platform and shelter, being reopened in 1991 after being closed in 1966. Soon after we go over the canal once more, then into another cutting and under A726. The buildings then clear as we come into Paisley Canal station, which has just a single platform and shelter. It's up a long slope to the exit and on this particular trip the station is swarming with rail enthusiasts all trying to get a picture of the Deltic.

Summary: This line being in a densely populated area will no doubt continue for a long time yet.  MC